24 June 2018
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General information about the branch

The total value of the domestic assistance provided by the Authority branch in Dubai in 2009 is AED 9,800,000, got benefited from thousands of families within the Emirate of Dubai.


The Red Cresent in Dubai works since its establishment to promote the spirit of Solidarity and compassion among the community members, and thanks to the support and assistance of the philanthropists and benefactors for its charitable programs and projects to achieve much more gains of the targeted category of the services in the humanitarian field and has expanded its programs and activities to include all walks of life and various aspects of support and assistance for low-income (limited) and needy people and families.
The Red Crescent Branch in Dubai has played during 2009 a significant role in promoting the Authority’s partnership with individuals, institutions, major national and international companies, regional and international, humanitarian organizations which take Dubai as a headquarter, besides of being Dubai as a trade center and a global economic it also became a center for humanitarian and relief services, and there are regional offices of internationalism humanitarian organizations that take Dubai as headquarter for the international Humanitarian services, it is also a destination for conferences and exhibitions related to the humanitarian affairs and the most important of which; Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Conference and Exhibition (DIHAD).
As the external assistances, the branch had carried out 185 development projects in 13 countries around the world, included building 56 mosques, digging 116 wells, and establishment of 6 classrooms, along with building 4 Orphanages and a number of other endowment projects.
Regarding of care programs and orphanages, the branch was able during this year to sponsor 395 orphans within UAE and in a number of countries. The branch had implemented a number of activities and entertainment events for orphans within UAE; it has also distributed Eid clothing and school bag for them.
the Branch had worked through its presence in the middle of this avalanche of humanitarian movements to weave a meaningful partnerships and to build it with these parties, and it form a permanent presence in all charity and humanitarian events that Dubai had witnessed, which has contributed to strengthening the capacity of the branch on the domestiv arena and mobilize support for its programs and its various activities.

The Branch Services

• Cash Domestic assistance.
• Humanitarian assistance.
• Health assistance.
• Social assistance.

The branch Achivements

The total value of the domestic assistance of the Authority’s branch in dubai of 2009 is AED 9,800,000, got benifited from thousands of families on the level of Emirate of Dubai, as follows:
• Humanitarian assistance in the amount of AED 2,722,000
• Establishments supporting in the amount of AED 594,000.
• Take care of prisoners in the amount of AED 594,500.
• Training sessions in the amount of AED 25,650.
• Desabiled Habilitation in the amount of AED 495,200.
• Students in the amount of AED 2,980,000.
• Remote regions in the amount of AED 554,400.
• Zakat al-Fitr in the amount of to AED 396,800.
• Fasting person in the amount of AED 2,434,150.
• Deligation pilrigms campains in the amount of to AED 198,000.
• Animal sacrifice distribution in the amount of AED 495,000.
• Oath expiation and aqeeqah and in the amount of AED 367,830.

Contact Information

Address: Al Rashidiya oppisite the police station in Al Rashidiya
PO Box: 96 777
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Tel: 04-2614800 - 04-2844482
Fax: 04-2614900
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Customer service number: (800-733) 800 RED
Website: www.rcuae.ae
E-mail: hilal@rcuae.ae