24 June 2018
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General information about the branch

The total amount of the assistance provided by the branch in Sharjah of 2009 is AED 22,971,180, got benifited from thousands of families on the level of the Eimirate of Sharjah.


The Red Cresent in Sharjah works since its establishment to promote the spirit of Solidarity and compassion among the community members, and thanks to the support and assistance of the philanthropists and benefactors for its charitable programs and projects to achieve much more gains of the targeted category of its services in the humanitarian field, and it has expanded its programs and activities to include all walks of life and various aspects of support and assistance for low-income (limited) and needy people and families.
The Red Crescent Branch in Sharjah has acheived a new gains for the beneficiaries of its services on the domestic arena, and its programs expanded always to include various support and assistance aspects, the value of the humanitarian programs and activities, the charitable and development projects which the branch had carried out during 2009 is 22 million and 971 thousand and 180 dirhams, whereas the cost of the domestic programs and activities is 11 million and 247 thousand and 154 dirhams, and the amount of the in-kind is two million and 841 thousand and 600 dirhams.
the branch of Sharjah had carried out during this year a number of charitable projects outside the state at a cost of 8 million and 494 thousand and 400 dirhams, included digging 320 wells in a number of the countries at the cist of two million and 313 thousand and 898 dirhams, and building 97 mosques at the cost of 5 million and 963 thousand and 37 dirhams, along with 19 different projects at the cost of 244 thousand and 465 dirhams included Health clinics and in-kind endowments.
Also the branch had contributed to providing a variety of in-kind materials for a number of countries which had been affected by disasters and calamities during the year, included 13 ambulances for campaign (Aghithehom) (Save them) which had been directed its proceeds to the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

The Branch Services

• Cash Domestic assistance.
• Humanitarian assistance.
• Health assistance.
• Social assistance.

The branch Achivements

The total value of the domestic assistance of the Authority’s branch in Sharjah in 2009 is AED 22,971,180, got benifited from thousands of families on the level of Emirate of Sharjah, as follows:
• Humanitarian assistance in the amount of AED 2,772,000.
• Establishments supporting in the amount of AED 305,000.
• Take care of prisoners in the amount of AED 443,327.
• Desabiled Habilitation in the amount of AED 495,000.
• Students in the amount of AED 2,980,000.
• (kinsmen) Campaign in remote regions in the amount of AED 2,249,920.
• Zakat al-Fitr, Fasting person and Deligation pilrigms campains in the amount of to AED 2,303,000.
• Oath expiation and aqeeqah and in the amount of AED 1,000,000.
• Overseas projects in the amount of AED 8,494,400.

Contact Information

Address: the Alngelat area
PO Box: 40 990
Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
Tel: 06-5229666
Fax: 06-5229669
Customer service number: (800-733) 800 RED
Website: www.rcuae.ae
E-mail: hilal@rcuae.ae