24 June 2018
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Bani Yas Office

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General Information about the Branch

The total value of the assistance provided by Bani Yas Office in 2009 is AED 12,071,749, thousand of families got benifited from.


The Red Cresent in Bani Yas works since its establishment to promote the spirit of Solidarity and compassion among the community members, and thanks to the support and assistance of the philanthropists and benefactors for its charitable programs and projects to achieve much more gains of the targeted category of its services in the humanitarian field, and it has expanded its programs and activities to include all walks of life and various aspects of support and assistance for low-income (limited) and needy people and families.
The value of programs and projects carried out by the Authority’s Office in Bani Yas city during 2009 is12 million and 71 thousand and 749 dirhams, gor benifited from thousands of needy families, which the office provide its services to and working to improve their humanity conditions, the office makes a great effort to expand and spread the among the targeted category in the city with high population number, which inhabited by a lot of low-income and needy families.
Bani Yas Office had carried out during 2009 a number of projects and caritable endowments in 11 countries in Asia and Africa at a cost of 5 million and 273 thousand and 909 dirhams, included drilling 217 wells, building 70 mosques, the establishment of 4 charitable endowments and 6 classrooms, the countries were covered by these projects are: Afghanistan, Senegal, Sudan, Niger, Somalia, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Togo, Kazakhstan.
In the field of take care and sponsor the orphans, the number of the sponsored orphans with the Office within and outside UAE is 1296 orphans, 33 of them within the state and the rest are located in: Jordan, Albnania, Bosnia, Algeria, Sudan, Iraq, Morocco, India, Yemen, Indonesia, Thailand,Togo, Syria, Palestine, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Lebanon, Egypt, Macedonia, Mauritania.

The Branch Services

• Cash Domestic assistance.
• Humanitarian assistance.
• Health assistance.
• Social assistance

The branch Achivements

The total value of the assistances provided by the Authority’s branch in Bani Yas in 2009 is AED 12,071,749, thousands of families got benifited from, as follows:
• Humanitarian assistance in the amount of AED 2,103,800.
• Medical assistance in the amount of AED 772,202.
• Students in the amount of AED 1,052,000.
• Habilitation sessions in the amount of AED 372,750.
• Take care of prisoners in the amount of AED 79,088.
• Disabled habilitation programs in the amount of AED 400,000.
• Fasting person in the amount of to AED 284,000.
• Zakat al-Fitr in the amount of to AED 497,000.
• Mir Ramadan in the amount of AED 735,000.
• Animal sacrifice distribution in the amount of AED 355,600.

Contact Information

Address: Al Mafraq behind the police station in Mafraq
PO Box: 3324
Bani Yas - United Arab Emirates
Tel: 02-5823238
Fax: 02-5822729
Customer service number: (800-733) 800 RED
Website: www.rcuae.ae
E-mail: hilal@rcuae.ae