21 June 2018
800RED (800733)

Participate in the construction:

• The Project Management in Red Crescent is studying the implementing and funding of various construction projects (construction and maintenance) inside and outside the state such as; building mosques, digging wells, residential cities ..., also the implementation of other projects upon the request of the assignor (Donor and Charity -Donor).
• The cost of development and reconstruction projects that were carried out by the Authority until the end of 2009 is 155 Million and 954 Thousand and 600 Dirhams a cost of about 20 projects in several countries, which included housing health and education projects; as well as facilitaties project. the countries covered by these projects are: Palestine, Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Maldives.
• To provide assistance to build a project, please Click here or call toll-free 800 733.