24 June 2018
800RED (800733)

External Projects

• They are the external construction projects such as; building houses, mosques, schools, and others in the external level.
• Charitable, construction, development and reconstruction projects that UAE Red Cresent is implementing in the afflicted and affected countries due to disasters and crises contributes strongly in commissioning the infrastructure development and reconstruction of vital facilities and removal the effects of the devastation and destruction due to disasters, especially in the areas of health, education, housing and public utilities which related directly to large categories of the public. Usually the Authority starts to implement its development projects in the affected countries after urgent and emergency relief operations for the victims and the affected people; these projects sets as a subsequent step for the humanity relief programs to contribute to bring life back to its normal condition in the affected regions, and to provide the appropriate conditions for the stability of those affected and homless due to such disasters and crises.
• The cost of the development and reconstruction projects carried out by the Authority until 2009 is 155 million and 954 thousand and 600 dirhams, the cost of about 20 projects in several countries, which included housing health and education projects, as well as facilitation projects, these projects covered the following countries: Palestine, Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Maldives.
• The establishment of 3298 projects in 17 countries around the world at a cost of 72 million and 769 thousand and 955 dirhams, which included the construction of 858 mosques at a cost of 51 million and 402 thousand and 792 dirhams, and the drilling of 2254 wells of a cost of 12 million and 993 thousand and 605 dirhams, along with the implementation of 186 various projects in the areas of housing, health, education and other infrastructure at a cost of 8 million 373 thousand and 558 dirhams.
• To provide assistance to build a project, please Click here or call toll-free 800 733.