24 June 2018
800RED (800733)

Arm of the United Arab Emirates for humanitarian work

UAE Red Crescent Authority since its inception in 1983, played a leading role in promoting different aspects of humanitarian work on both domestic and international levels as an achievement of the Red Crescent message in mobilizing the power of humanity to help the weak and the needy wherever they are and regardless of any of ethnic, cultural, geographic or religious considerations.
UAE Red Crescent Authority abides by fundamental principles of the International Red Crescent and the Red Cross, consisting of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and national societies which amounts to 188 Association in the world, on top of these principles comes the humanitarian nature, non-discrimination and neutrality, which are principles committed to the substantiality of human issues and to ensure his right to live and his right to human dignity.
The UAE Red Crescent focuses from the local level on helping people with special needs and the widows, sponsoring orphans and needy families and help the families of prisoners, the sick and indigent science students, it also focuses from the external level, on supporting and aiding the afflicted by natural disasters, conflicts and wars by offering urgent reliefs and then establishing development projects and infrastructure projects for the rehabilitation of the affected areas in order for them to return to normal life.
In the area of orphans, the UAE Red Crescent Authority is the only Red Crescent and the Red Cross Societies in the world that has a continuous program to sponsor orphans since 1986. As the Authority sponsors today more than 86 thousand orphans distributed on 28 countries around the world, as the cost of their care reached more than one billion and one hundred million dirhams.
To follow up the Authority’s projects and programs oversees, the Red Crescent has 14 offices in many of the countries for which the Authority provides different developmental aid.
At the local level, the Authority has two pilot projects which are keeping grace project, which aims to save the grace of food, clothing, and furniture and provides what increases the need to workers, the poor and needy families in a way to save their dignity. The Authority also has Ghadeer project, a project aimed at helping disadvantaged women by marketing their craft traditional products for companies and institutions, and the most prominent partners of the Authority in this area are Etihad Airways which markets the production of Ghadeer project for passengers onboard of its planes.
In the area of health education, Red Crescent Authority organizes many first aid courses from which large segments of the society benefit, the Authority also focuses on positive lifestyles programs, the fight against addictions of all types in addition to contributing to environmental protection and pollution control, the efforts of student Crescent and volunteers are utilized positively in this area.
The Red Crescent Society also coordinates with UAE Nursing Society to provide health services for Ramadan tents’ visitors set up by the Red Crescent throughout the month of Ramadan and those services include conducting blood tests and blood pressure measurement, distribution of awareness brochures and providing advice to patients.
The Red Crescent Authority has partners in the field of humanitarian work, both from the concerned national and international organizations or from our partners on the local scene who support the Authority’s programs and provide valuable and continuous assistance to reinforce the humanitarian message of the Red Crescent Authority.