21 June 2018
800RED (800733)

Community initiatives for the management of volunteers

The training program for volunteers

Volunteers are nominated for training courses within the annual training program which is implemented during the year in collaboration with some of the departments of the Authority and also the institutions of community work, the volunteer must pass the core courses after the acceptance of his volunteering in the Authority (first aid, international humanitarian law, Sphere Project course)).

Humanitarian voluntary work camp

A camp which is organized once a year, the camp aims to create an opportunity for the largest number of volunteers joining the Authority to benefit from courses and programs prepared for this camp on one hand, and to implement programs and humanitarian activities on the other hand, as the camp will be organized in different places and at the level of the UAE.

Care for community initiatives for volunteers

The Authority will take care of the initiatives proposed by the volunteers joining the Authority and which are compatible with the objectives and principles of the UAE Red Crescent Authority, where the management of volunteers will provide the climate and adequate support for the implementation of community-based initiative, which aims to serve the community or one of its categories.

Sahem humanitarian volunteering program

A program for the rehabilitation of a group of volunteers joining the UAE Red Crescent Authority so that the focus will be on attracting male and female university students, in addition to the main volunteers in the Authority whose ages are between (18-40 years), this age group is considered to be targeted in the program.

Aoun's Award for Community Service

This award seeks to promote the spirit of volunteerism and instilling social responsibility in the hearts of young people and to create the culture of volunteerism in the community.

Objectives of the Award

• To achieve the objectives of the Red Crescent Authority and to transform them into realistic businesses serving the local community.
• To enhance the value of the volunteer work for the implementation of distinctive community and human-based programs serving the community.
• To spread community awareness of social solidarity objectives through school students.
• To support the important role of the school to instill the concepts of belonging and loyalty to the homeland and the spirit of volunteerism in the hearts of students and to use its role to spread the concepts of volunteering values in the community.
•Instilling the values of initiative and positive competition and participation in national activities.