21 June 2018
800RED (800733)

Terms of volunteering in Red Crescent Authority

First: The Individuals’ Volunteering

In order the join the volunteerism of Red Crescent Authority, the applicant must meet the following conditions :-

• Be a citizen of the UAE or of the GCC countries or a resident who has a valid residency in the UAE.
• Be able to participate in volunteer programs established by a decision of the Secretary-General of the UAE Red Crescent Authority upon the recommendation of the Deputy Secretary-General.
• Be of good behavior.
• The age of the applicant shall not be less than (18) years and not more than (50) years, and applicants younger than (18) years will be accepted in the framework of the activities of student Crescent and applicants older than (50) years may be accepted by a resolution of the Deputy Secretary-General upon the recommendation of the Director of the administration.
• Be committed in the exercise of its activity to the principles of the International Federation.
• He must have an educational level not less than high school.
• He must have a license to practice the profession from the competent authorities in the state, if the practice of that profession requires that and his volunteering was limited to his career.

Second: volunteering of companies and institutions

• The institution must be reputable; so that its participation will not affect the Authority’s reputation and status in the local and international community.
• The institution wishing to volunteer must specify the names of its members who wish to volunteer provided that they meet the conditions of the acceptance of the individuals’ volunteering.

Documents required to accept the volunteerism which should be included in the web portal of volunteering:-

• A valid passport copy
• A valid residency copy (for expatriates).
• A photograph.
• The last academic qualification.
• License to practice the profession for doctors, nurses and paramedics.