21 June 2018
800RED (800733)

Volunteering & Volunteer Management Objectives

Volunteer work in Red Crescent Authority aims to support and assist the community at the social, cultural and economic level individually or through subsidiary groups of the Crescent to provide services and assistance in various fields to meet urgent social needs or to serve one of the issues plaguing the community through the Red Crescent Authority and the volunteers joining the Authority.

Definition of Volunteering

Is the voltage provided by man to his community with his own will and in exchange for nothing intending thereby to bear some responsibilities in the areas aimed at achieving the humanitarian assistance. .

The Strategic Goal of the UAE Red Crescent regarding the Volunteers

Raise the readiness of volunteers and establishing a culture of voluntarism in the community.

Volunteers Management Objectives

• Provide an opportunity for the people of the UAE to participate in community service and to contribute in volunteering activities through specific mechanisms.
• Conservation and development of volunteering programs in local groups that support the goals and objectives of the UAE Red Crescent .
• Raise the readiness of volunteers and maintaining their morale through appreciating their achievements and contributions .
• Creating teams of volunteers to assist it in the implementation of tasks carried out by the Red Crescent Authority .
• Support specific activities carried out by the Authority’s departments by providing qualified volunteers.

Joining the volunteers will lead you to:

• Feel the value of work and especially the work for the community. • Self-confidence and self-esteem.
• Development of expertise and personal skills.
• Gain a social status in the society.
• Express the feelings of belonging and loyalty to the homeland with initiatives and tangible effort.
• Investment of leisure time.