21 June 2018
800RED (800733)

Sahem humanitarian volunteering program

A program for the rehabilitation of a group of volunteers joining the UAE Red Crescent Authority so that the focus will be on attracting male and female university students, in addition to the main volunteers in the Authority whose ages are between (18-40 years), this age group is considered to be targeted in the program. Sahem program consists of seven groups affiliated to the Authority branches in seven emirates, there are two divisions in the program which are: -

First: Groups leadership division

This Division oversees the management of the performance of Sahem program groups formed in the branches of the Authority with direct communication and evaluation of the performance of all groups, where each group will have a leader from the volunteers in each branch...

Second: community institutions’ contribution Division

This Division oversees the contributions of civil society organizations in the implementation of humanitarian missions that are mentored by senior management of the Authority, so that all the necessary basics are provided and the coordination to accomplish each task to promote the community partnership in this area.

Basic courses for Sahem group members

• Course of international humanitarian law.
• First aid course.
• Course of dealing with disasters in times of crisis.
• The art of dealing with others.
• Organization and reception Protocol during conferences.

The functions of Sahem program

• Participation in the implementation of external tasks of the Authority.
• Support the implementation of programs and activities of the Authority’s departments on the local scale.
• Accept the invitations of societal institutions to contribute in the Authority programs.
• Full readiness to meet any demands of the Authority in the time of disasters and crises.
• Coordination of civil society institutions contributions in the implementation of humanitarian missions.

To volunteer in Sahem program please click on the following link